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Luxury Yacht Insurance

As a guideline, DNA's Luxury Yacht policy is suitable for yachts used for private charters or on the wishes... Read More

Super Yachts Insurance

As a guideline, DNA's Super Yacht policy is suitable for yachts used for commercial charters or... Read More

Liveaboards Insurance

The Liveaboards fleet needs a special kind of insurance. It must not only cover the hull of the yacht but... Read More

Super Yacht Insurance

Owning a luxurious yacht in Asia is a dream come true. The design, build and purchase are crucial decisions.

Once you've got that far, you need a peace of mind and confidence that you have the best yacht insurance cover. The cover should be tailored to meet your unique needs.

DNA Yacht Insurance Asia is now pleased to announce tailor made Luxury Yacht and Super Yacht insurance services for yacht owners sailing in Asia. A full-time multi-lingual Asia based representative from the Netherlands is available to discuss your personal luxury and super yacht insurance needs.

We will help you with issues such as geographical extent of cover, whether P&I (third party) insurance is necessary and whether the crew is covered. Also the P&I can cover the liability for scuba diving or sailing with jet ski's used by passengers. One of the key factors is whether your luxury yacht is being used for commercial or private leisure purposes. We are already covering a wide range of (super) yachts and liveaboards.

Our philosophy is to simplify the insurance process, yet deliver the best cover that protects your assets and let you sail in Asia with total peace of mind.

We have two main areas of personalized insurance cover:

  • Luxury Yacht Insurance
  • Super Yacht Insurance
  • Liveaboard Insurance
Exclusive Luxury Yacht Insurances

The owner or his representative can almost fully set the conditions of the insurance himself. For example, dinghies and toys such as jet skis can be easily covered in the main policy. A special low... Read More
Exclusive Super Yacht Insurances

The Super Yacht policy is created after a detailed discussion with the yacht owner or his representative. The owner or his representative can almost fully set the conditions of the insurance himself... Read More
Liveaboards Insurance Liability

Protection & Indemnity standard (P&I), it is the insurance for the labiality against (paid) passengers and crew that can be extended with watersports and scuba. This all based on the rules of the...Read More